Struggling to Speak French?

Call 021 588 06 39
Someone Bilingual Will Help You Over The Phone
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For Face to Face Conversations

  1. Call 021 588 06 39.
  2. Put the phone on speaker mode.
  3. The person on the phone will translate for you both ways.

For Phone Calls

  1. Call 021 588 06 39.
  2. Call your interlocutor while keeping the translator on the line. (How?)
  3. You are now in a 3-way call. The translator will translate for you both ways.

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Fully Collaborative

Saffron connects people. Help someone communicate in French today, get help talking with a German speaker tomorrow.

Price of a Local Call

You only pay the price of a local phone call. The Saffron number actually calls many translators at once and connects you to the first one who answers.

Let's keep in touch

We'll let you know when we introduce new languages and features.